Our Lady and St Philip Neri

Meet The Staff

Mr Matthew Ringham : Headteacher

Mr Matthew Ringham


Mrs Rachael Ronan : Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Rachael Ronan

Deputy Headteacher

I started working at Our Lady and St Philip Neri in September 2012. I had heard lots of wonderful things about OLSPN and the minute I walked in the door on my first day I knew I had made the right decision about coming to work here. The children, staff and parents made me feel very welcome and soon I felt as if I had been here my whole working career.
I love the feeling you get when you walk into our school. It’s a school where children and staff are cared for and there is a mutual respect shown between everyone in our school family. There are clear strong links between the home, school and parish and it’s clear we are all working together towards building a better future for the children.
I don’t have many secrets…but something that probably only my mum, dad and husband know is that there is a particular baby food sold in Ireland that I absolutely love eating! It’s called Liga. Whenever my parents go back to Ireland I always put in an order!

Mrs Badura : Senco

Mrs Badura


Ms Goslin : Nursery Teacher

Ms Goslin

Nursery Teacher

I joined the team in 2017. I was very keen to be part of the school as I grew up in this area and attended the local secondary school.

I’ve been teaching since 1995 and continue to be passionate about my job. Everyday you encounter something different. The children continue to put a smile on my face.
If I was to describe myself in 5 words it would be fun, thoughtful, motivated, creative and determined.

In my spare time I enjoy painting pictures ( I have a few masterpieces at home) and baking. I also love the outdoors and am fond of long walks, gardening and boot fairs!

Mrs Olczak-Smith : Teaching Assistant

Mrs Olczak-Smith

Teaching Assistant

Ms Barlow : Reception Teacher Head of Early Years Senior Management

Ms Barlow

Reception Teacher Head of Early Years Senior Management

I started working at our school in January 2013. I had heard a lot about how lovely the children and staff were and jumped at the chance when offered a job.

It’s a wonderful school full of talented, hard-working staff and children. The parents are very supportive and care about their children’s education.

I love science because I’m curious and enjoy trying to making sense of our universe.

Mrs Singh : Teaching Assistant

Mrs Singh

Teaching Assistant

Ms Evans : Teacher RHE

Ms Evans

Teacher RHE

Mrs Henderson : Teacher RHE

Mrs Henderson

Teacher RHE

Ms Sanders : Teaching Assistant

Ms Sanders

Teaching Assistant

I started working at Our Lady and St. Philip Neri September ’13

I love the friendly atmosphere and feeling of unity. The children are so well behaved and eager to learn, which make it a pleasure to be with them.
What’s my favourite subject…that’s a tough one I do tend to enjoy all of the subjects, but at the moment I would have to say SPANISH!!

My Secret is…I had Ice skating lessons for about two years and surprised myself with what I could do!

Miss Brennan : Teacher Class 1LB

Miss Brennan

Teacher Class 1LB

I started working at OLSPN in February 2006. I was the Class 1 teacher (all those chn are now in secondary school!)and came to the school as short term supply. I ended up staying in Class 1 for 3 years, then I moved to Class 2 where I stayed for 2 years. After Class 2 I moved to KS1 and have been teaching Class 4 ever since.

I moved to the UK from Australia in my early 20’s. Being away from my family and my home was tough, but being at OLSPN was great because everyone- staff and parents looked after me and made me feel welcome and safe.

My Secret…I grew up in a small country town and lived on a farm for most of my life… I can ride a horse, a motorbike, a quad bike and know how to round up sheep and cows!

Mrs  Debenham : Teaching Assistant

Mrs Debenham

Teaching Assistant

I started working here in 2001…but I actually came to this school when

I was 5 years old. The school looked very different then!

My secret- I like crisp sandwiches with salad cream.
My favourite subject is Reading – you will never be bored or lonely with a book!

Mrs Cruz : Teacher Class 1AC

Mrs Cruz

Teacher Class 1AC

Ms Coyne : Teacher Class 1AC

Ms Coyne

Teacher Class 1AC

Mrs Gallagher : Teaching Assistant

Mrs Gallagher

Teaching Assistant

I started working at the school about 16 + years ago. I started as a volunteer and when a vacancy arose I was offered a job.

I like the community spirit and family atmosphere that is present at Our Lady and St Philip Neri School.

Literacy is my favourite subject because I love the stories and the imagination of the children.

Mrs Walsh : Teaching Assistant

Mrs Walsh

Teaching Assistant

Miss Barlow Burns : Teacher Class 2IBB

Miss Barlow Burns

Teacher Class 2IBB

I started working at OLSPN as a student during my teacher training. I liked working here so much that I decided to stay and I have been a teacher in the infants since 2016.

I knew this was the school for me when I met my first class and saw not only how hardworking they were, but also how polite and kind they were to adults and each other.

An interesting fact about me is that I play the piano!

Mrs Dwyer : Teaching Assistant

Mrs Dwyer

Teaching Assistant

I started in Nursery about 11+  years ago. At first I was volunteering while doing a classroom assistant course. I decided to do the course after taking redundancy from Pricewaterhouse where I had worked in the accounts department for 21 years.

Our Lady and St Philip Neri is a lovely, small, friendly school. Both my children attended the school.

My secret is that I was a big Donny Osmond fan. Some of the children’s grandparents will remember him I’m sure.

My favourite subject is Literacy. I used to love writing stories at school and I enjoy reading books.

Mr Briggs : Teacher Class 2GB

Mr Briggs

Teacher Class 2GB

Ms Ferguson : Teaching Assistant

Ms Ferguson

Teaching Assistant

I started working at OLSPN in 2013. Before coming here I worked in a number of roles in local and central government for over 30 years. My main roles were around training adults in personal development skills. I am passionate about all social justice issues and enjoy working with children of all ages to support their development and learning.

Miss Begum : Teacher Class 3SB

Miss Begum

Teacher Class 3SB

Mrs Formaggi : Teaching Assistant

Mrs Formaggi

Teaching Assistant

Ms Hiller : Teacher Class 3/4VH

Ms Hiller

Teacher Class 3/4VH

My Favourite subject at school was art.

I have been at OLSPN for a few years now. I first started working here doing a part-time job teaching art and then I took over my own class.

I love all the staff and I love how calm and clever all the children are.

Ms Mitchell : Teaching Assistant

Ms Mitchell

Teaching Assistant

Mr Andrew Barber : Assistant Headteacher/Teacher 4AB

Mr Andrew Barber

Assistant Headteacher/Teacher 4AB

I started in the January of 2002. My sister had started at the school as a teacher the term before, and had told me wonderful things about the school. When I started I went straight into class 7, and had my first experience of a split year group. What struck me straight away was how friendly the staff were and how considerate and professional Mr Sullivan was.

The children first and foremost. The school has a fantastic feel to it, one that is nurturing and caring. All schools care for their children, but for me this school is special. Having a parent body who themselves have been through the school and a committed parish priest really helps the children to feel cared for in all aspects of their schooling.

The residential school trips are fantastic too, providing the children with important life skills. The fact we take children away in years 3 and 4 for a 4 day residential and now even an overnight with children from year 2 speaks volumes about the dedicated staff we have here, and the faith the parent body have in the school.

I performed in amateur dramatics as a teenager.
I have a bald patch on my head where I cracked it open as a child.
I have a phobia of looking straight up at a clear blue sky.

I have always loved maths. The right and wrong of it has always appealed to me. I saw maths as a game most of the time and love the sense of achievement I felt when the penny finally dropped. I was blessed by having teachers at school who told me I could achieve and encouraged me to do so that’s what I want to instil in our children here.

Ms  Emanuel : Teaching Assistant

Ms Emanuel

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Moss : Teacher Class 5HM

Mrs Moss

Teacher Class 5HM

I started at the school in September 2017 just after I moved to Sydenham with my family. I knew I wanted to teach locally and felt at home at Our Lady especially as I’d previously been working at a Catholic school. I can be seen whizzing down to the school on my adult scooter – it is very handy to carry all the books!

Mrs Harris : Teacher Class 5HM

Mrs Harris

Teacher Class 5HM

Ms  Pescod : Teaching Assistant

Ms Pescod

Teaching Assistant

Ms Blackwood-Carlyle : Teacher Class 5/6SBC

Ms Blackwood-Carlyle

Teacher Class 5/6SBC

I started working at OLSPN in September 2015. I knew a teacher who worked here and decided it was a good place to start my career. The children and staff were very welcoming and helpful, they made me feel right at home.

A fun fact about me is that I LOVE Dr Marten boots! You’ll nearly always see me in a pair!

Mrs Pitt : Teaching Assistant

Mrs Pitt

Teaching Assistant

I have been working at OLSPN for 19 years. I love working with the children.

I love maths but not rotational symmetry.

I have a gold medal in Latin American dancing.

Mr O’Leary : Teacher Class 6BOL

Mr O’Leary

Teacher Class 6BOL

Ms Anderson : Teaching Assistant

Ms Anderson

Teaching Assistant

I started working here in 2006.

My favourite part of the infants is the good behaviour of the children.

My favourite subject is art, I love to see the children enjoying themselves!

Mrs Stone : Teaching Assistant

Mrs Stone

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Armstrong : Teacher

Mrs Armstrong


I started at OLSPN in September, this year. When I came to look around the school, I was immediately greeted with warmth and made to feel welcome.

What I like most about the school is that the children and staff treat each other with respect and it feels like they are an extension of each other’s families. I also enjoy the emphasis the school has placed on music and feel privileged to work somewhere music is really appreciated.

My favourite subjects are art, music and Literacy because I enjoy the creativity students show when doing these lessons. It is always a special moment for me when pupils put their fears and uncertainty aside and embrace what they have done – I think it is imperative that children celebrate their learning and share it with others.

My secrets – I adore cats and find them fascinating to watch! If I had to choose to be another creature, it would be a furry feline! I played the violin as a child and wish I’d kept at it! My favourite hobby is to read a good book (accompanied by my cat, Dora).

Mrs Yousif : HLTA

Mrs Yousif


I joined the school in October 2000 as a teaching assistant. In 2012 I became a High Level teaching assistant, I feel like I’m part of the furniture now. I love teaching the children how to use computers and how to program games etc… Maths is my favourite subject and it gives me pleasure when the children love it as much as I do.

Mrs Trype : Finance/Personnel Officer

Mrs Trype

Finance/Personnel Officer

I’ve worked here for 12 years, my husband and his family came here and my two sons also came here, I have a very long connection.

My favourite subject is Geography.
I once appeared in the South London Press after walking a marathon.

Mrs Dawkins : Admin Assistant

Mrs Dawkins

Admin Assistant

I started working at the school over 16 years ago. I saw the job advertised in the church newsletter and applied. At the time my eldest son was about to start nursery here and I realised that the hours and holidays would suit me perfectly.

The school seems small because it is on two sites. I think it is a real community school where all the staff, parents and children know each other.

My favourite subject is English Literature. I love reading especially when I know that I’ve got to do the housework!

Mr Dodsworth : Premises Officer

Mr Dodsworth

Premises Officer

I started working at OLSPN in February 2000 as premises officer.

I enjoy gardening and DIY. I have seen lots of shows in the theatre and enjoy them very much.

I have travelled to lots of different countries including Australia, India and Spain.

Miss O’Connor : Admin Assistant

Miss O’Connor

Admin Assistant

Mrs  Ewens : Music Leader

Mrs Ewens

Music Leader

I was sent a letter by Mr Sullivan to attend an interview and I flew in with my umbrella. I have been here a long time now and I love working here.

My favourite subject is obviously music.
I like the ethos of the school, I love the staff and the children all have something special about them. The support I have had is incredible.

Mr Hyland : Sports Coach

Mr Hyland

Sports Coach