Our Lady and St Philip Neri

School Council

The School Council at OLSPN gives every pupil a voice.
As a school council we want to find out what pupils think about our school and what ideas they have for improving it.It’s our job to try to make some of these ideas happen!

These may include:  

  • Fundraising ideas  
  • Projects we can get involved in as a school  
  • Ideas to improve the environment 
  • Ideas for assemblies and visits
  • and many more!

On Friday 31 January, Key Stage 2 School Councillors visited the Catford Civic Centre. When we got there, there were a few other schools visiting too.

We were given some packs and a pen and could wander round. There was a chair that looked like a throne that we could sit on and a cabinet of maces – worth about £100,000! The mace is long and gold and gets carried around by a ‘mace bearer’ as a symbol of civic dignity.

Next we went through to the Council Chamber. Here we got to sit on plush red chairs which had a microphone in front of them. This is where the Council meets every 6 weeks. 

We started with a game where we had to show our opinion on a question by moving to different parts of the chamber (luckily it is a big room). We had to give reasons for our decisions eg. ‘Should children get to help run the school?’

We then had a talk from the Speaker of the Council who was wearing a big gold chain (Councillor Jacq Paschoud) and she told us all about the Lewisham Council logo – have you ever noticed it is people holding hands to make a crown? Jacq told us that ‘our people are our gold’ and that is why the logo is gold.

She also talked us through Lewisham’s crest and what everything on it symbolises. We did think the dolphins on it are quite funny as they don’t really look like dolphins! Our borough does have nautical connections as it includes Deptford and a bit of the River Thames. In fact we learnt Deptford used to be a separate borough but  in 1965 Lewisham and Deptford merged. The Latin words under the crest say ‘Welfare of the people is the highest law’.

After this we had a juice, biscuit and fruit break which we enjoyed. Then back into the chamber. Jacob, the 2009 Young Mayor of Lewisham when he was 16, told us how when we are 13 we can think about becoming a Young Mayor.

We would need 50 signatures from young people we know to put ourselves forward. He said you don’t have to be super confident – you just need to be passionate! He said as Young Mayor you get £25,000 to spend in the borough. He asked us to think how we would spend it. We then got to use the special microphones to say our name and idea ‘I am X and if I was the Young Mayor I would…..’ and our voices came out really loud so everyone in the chamber could hear. We were told we were amazing the way we had so many great ideas and spoke so well. Jacob has high hopes to see us being Young Mayors of the future. We all really enjoyed the morning.

Please welcome our new School Council 2019/2020