Our Lady and St Philip Neri


Magic light?

In Science we have been learning about Light. We have spent a couple of weeks on reflection and now we are learning about refraction. The children did an experiment where they drew 2 arrows on a piece of paper and lowered one arrow behind a glass of water. The arrow changed direction!
The children then had to think why this had happened.
We are  now working on our scientific explanations to explain it. We will update you soon with our amazing scientific knowledge!

We have now started our new book ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ about a family that up and leave to take off round the world on a yacht.  We wrote a balanced argument with the pros and cons of this decision. The children were able to then give their own conclusion about whether this is something they would do. See an extract from Makanvee below.

Writing up a storm

As our last piece of writing on ‘Journey to the River Sea’, we wrote a persuasive text – our main character Maia was writing to her guardian back in England for help to rescue her friend. We used persuasive language, plus some flattery, to convince her guardian to help.

Spring Term Knowledge Organisers