Our Lady and St Philip Neri

Nursery AM

This week we have been looking at Hickory Dickory Dock. We have enjoyed many activities which include recognising numerals, measuring and counting.
We have begun this term by focusing on Nursery Rhymes.
We started with Humpty Dumpty.

During our dance and movement session we pretended to be Humpty rolling off the wall and down the hill.  We also enjoyed galloping and cantering around the hall as a king’s horse.

At the writing table we made character puppets using lolly sticks. We could use these puppets to tell the story of Humpty Dumpty.

We had a fun time exploring REAL eggs. We talked about where they come from and predicted what might be inside. We cracked them open and we found yellow stuff called a yolk.  We whisked the white stuff (known as egg white) and watched how it changed.

At the art table we used wooden blocks to create a block printing picture. We used scissors to cut Humpty Dumpty out used a range of colours to design his outfit.

Outside we used the large construction bricks to build Humpty Dumpty a wall. We compared the height of the walls and used language like taller and shorter.

Outside in the playground the children were role playing when the king’s men went to recuse Humpty Dumpty. They had a great time on their horses.

At the maths table we were building a wall to sit Humpty on. We counted the bricks carefully and found the correct numerals.