Our Lady and St Philip Neri


Meet the midwife!

We found out about a midwife’s job and how to care for babies.

We went to mass with 5/6SBC.

We love pancakes! We made our own pancakes from scratch and then enjoyed a tasty pre-Lent feast. There were no pancakes left but we did manage to save one for Mr Ringham🙂

We love reading!

We had a fabulous time ribbon dancing to celebrate the year of the rat 2020

Look at our wonderful versions of Kandinsky’s Concentric Circles. We mixed our own colours and selected our own brushes to create these fabulous paintings. Come visit the Early Years corridor to see them!

RMAB explore circular patterns in preparation for this terms art project investigating Kandinsky’s Concentric Circles.

We love messy play!

Strictly RMAB!

One, two, three, one, two, three……..some of the children in RMAB have been enjoying a dance to the strains of Waltz in C Minor by Frederic Chopin.

Collecting sticks to make a house for one of the three little pigs.

RMAB have every right to feel thoroughly proud of themselves. They sang, danced and spoke beautifully for the parents and friends in today’s audience. Well done everyone!

The nurses came today to find out how much we have grown since nursery. They measured how tall and heavy we are.

We went to the Science Museum by coach on 11th of November for a day of exploration and investigation in The Garden and The Pattern Pod. We had an amazing time! Many thanks to all our adult volunteers for accompanying us on our adventure. 

We have a new construction area. Come and see what our future designers and architects have been up to. Remember to wear a hard hat!

We have been learning all about the story of The Little Red Hen and as part of our learning, we decided to have a go at making bread. The story goes through the whole process from planting to cutting, grinding the wheat, kneading and finally baking and eating. We learnt to share the jobs and managed to produce some very tasty results!

We love our library visits!

Everyone in EYFS enjoyed a feast in celebration of Diwali on Friday 1st Nov. We tucked into a delightful array of Indian food and tried many delights including some with rather spicy ingredients. There wasn’t anything left on the table when we had finished with it!

We also took turns having a go at some Bollywood grooves! Everyone had a lovely time working up an appetite to the Bhangra beats 🙂

RMAB have also created some diwas using clay. We look forward to showing you the finished works of art when they have hardened and been decorated. Watch this space!

We have been hearing the story of Rama and Sita and making links in RE with festivals that use light to inspire us including our own faith. Jesus is the light of the world and we look forward to celebrating with preparations for our own Nativity.

Last but not least, we have been listening to traditional tales from India. The Tiger Child tells the tale of how animals used to cook their food and how losing the fire led to an unexpected new pet for households today​.

Next week we will be finding out about real tigers so don’t be surprised if you hear a roar next time you walk past….

We are looking at the story of the Owl Babies and are finding out lots of interesting things about nocturnal creatures. We also visited Mayow Park in our quest for different shaped leaves and of course, some signs of Autumn. Very exciting, indeed!

We explore and look after God’s world.

RMAB work together to build a castle!

Look at the concentration on our faces! We had a go at following all the groovy moves and raising our heart rate with 5 a day. Being healthy can be super fun.

Start the day with a good breakfast and We can keep going until snack time!