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Useful Web sites to support the teaching of Phonics

A copy of Letter and Sounds can be found here.

worksheets for:

  • consonant and vowel recognition,
  • initial consonant sounds,
  • beginning and end blends,
  • consonant diagraphs,
  • silent letters,
  • long vowel sounds,
  • Phase 3 and 5 sounds.

A good selection of resources including worksheets and some interactive games.

  • Phase 3 and 5 sounds
  • Phase 6 work such as prefixes and suffixes, plurals and tense worksheets.
  • Extensive list of long vowel worksheets and games such as hangman.

Has and Letters and Sounds section that covers all the phonic phases and the tricky words, 100/200 common words.

Lots of letter fans, mats, display ideas and games that follow ideas in Letters and Sounds phases.

Under ‘word level’ section of literacy, a good selection of worksheets and powerpoints.

  • Early phonics and alphabet work.
  • Phase 6 work (plurals, tenses, prefixes/suffixes etc)
  • Some phase 3/4/5 sounds.

A mix of very good interactive games and worksheets covering most phonic phases. Recommend – Sandcastle quiz for phase 3 and 5.