Our Lady and St Philip Neri


This term we have been learning about colour mixing, tints and shades. We looked at the artist Claude Monet and created rough seascapes in the same style. Our pictures were based on two paintings- The Sea at Fecamp, which was painted in 1881 and Shadows on the Sea that was painted in 1882. We used tints and shades of blue to create the ocean, with some green and white to create a rough water effect. In order for our paintings to show a rough sea, we had to use rough, choppy brushstrokes and smoother brushstrokes for our dark sky. Our wonderful artwork is now on display for the whole school to see as they walk down the stairs. We think it’s fantastic! What do you think?

We have been learning about colour mixing. We mixed red and yellow to make different shades of orange as well as blue and yellow to make different shades of green. We then painted a sunflower just like Vincent Van Gogh. Here we are working hard to mix our beautiful orange tones.

We have been learning about the primary colours. We looked at artwork by the Dutch artist Pietr Mondrian who used primary colours as well as squares and rectangles to create a painting called Composition with Red Blue and Yellow. We created our own versions of the painting using strips of black paper to create the shapes and then painting one square or rectangle with a primary colour. We love our Art lessons!