Our Lady and St Philip Neri


We have been learning about fractions this week and found it helpful to place them on a number line to help our understanding.

We have been learning about animals including humans this half term. We had to identify changes animals experience in their lives.

In 56AP we have begun a new topic: Animals including Humans. We began to look at the human life cycle and we learned about the six stages of human development.

We have been performing poetry using Readers Theatre. We have been reading and celebrating work written by black poets as part of our learning for Black History Month.

In 5/6AP we have been reading a graphic novel called The Arrival. The book has provoked interesting discussions about immigration, history, society and family life. We have enjoyed reading a wordless book because the possibilities inferred from the text have been endless.

In reading, we have been continuing to use Destination Reader and have been linking our weekly reading strategies to a book called The Diver’s Daughter. We have also been reading levelled texts to suit our reading ability on Wednesdays and Thursdays and have a weekly comprehension task: ‘The Big Picture’ on a Friday. We use a range of seen and unseen texts to test our comprehension.

Spelling, punctuation and grammar has been taught alongside Literacy and so far we have covered relative clauses, prepositions, sentence level work and begun to work on active and passive voice. Next we will learn about modal verbs and how to use them in our writing.

We have been learning about place value, addition, subtraction and most recently multiplication using white rose materials. We are encouraged to use manipulatives and pictorial images to support our understanding and allow us to develop reasoning and problem solving skills.

In Science, we have been learning about DNA, Inheritance, Variation and Adaptation as part of a unit on Evolution. We have enjoyed the topic and have been reading advanced texts linked to this unit as well as taking mini quizzes to assess their understanding.

In R.E. we have been learning about the Kingdom of God and discussed forgiveness and repentance. We enjoyed reading parables from the bible and writing our own.

For black history month we have been fortunate to learn about Black Tudors and have secured copies of a book entitled Black and British. We have been very excited to read these books.