Mr Andrew Barber

Mr Andrew Barber

I started in the January of 2002. My sister had started at the school as a teacher the term before, and had told me wonderful things about the school. When I started I went straight into class 7, and had my first experience of a split year group. What struck me straight away was how friendly the staff were and how considerate and professional Mr Sullivan was.

The children first and foremost. The school has a fantastic feel to it, one that is nurturing and caring. All schools care for their children, but for me this school is special. Having a parent body who themselves have been through the school and a committed parish priest really helps the children to feel cared for in all aspects of their schooling.

The residential school trips are fantastic too, providing the children with important life skills. The fact we take children away in years 3 and 4 for a 4 day residential and now even an overnight with children from year 2 speaks volumes about the dedicated staff we have here, and the faith the parent body have in the school.

I performed in amateur dramatics as a teenager.
I have a bald patch on my head where I cracked it open as a child.
I have a phobia of looking straight up at a clear blue sky.

I have always loved maths. The right and wrong of it has always appealed to me. I saw maths as a game most of the time and love the sense of achievement I felt when the penny finally dropped. I was blessed by having teachers at school who told me I could achieve and encouraged me to do so that’s what I want to instil in our children here.